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Expert design teacher carved pandora jewelry collection
To the China University of Geosciences Jade Institute Vice President Ren Jin as the chief designer of the “colorful Yunnan Jade” designer team, over the years dedicated to the study of jade culture, communication, and constantly introduced a piece of extraordinary refined, Zhuo and not Group of “colorful Yunnan Jade” jewelry where pandora jewelry from.
Each exquisite “colorful Yunnan Jade” jewelry are from the emerald teacher ingenuity of the ingenious design, exquisite craftsmanship, both to retain the emerald natural Tiancheng intrinsic spirituality, but also highlight the profound and profound jade culture. Follow the trend, to retain the classic, innovation and design, but also to provide you with customized custom services simple pandora bracelet .
From the natural reputation since the sincere

Colorful Yunnan jade raw materials all from the origin of Myanmar, the operation of the jade all natural jade (A goods), never sales of artificial jade (B, C goods) pandora his and hers bracelets.
Production and sales of each process have full-time quality supervisors and experts to implement layers of monitoring to ensure that each piece of jade excellent quality. Each colorful Yunnan Jade jewelry have to go through the national authority of the testing center after the strict inspection to OTC sales pandora bracelet official site .
20 years of integrity management, 30 million people choose, cast a colorful Yunnan brand emerald extraordinary reputation.
Scale management strong support
“Colorful Yunnan Jade” brand has Beijing colorful Yunnan, Kunming, two flagship store in Yunnan, at the same time more than 20 cities in the country, with local scale, high grade, rich products to join the flagship store. The annual sales of jade jewelry up to hundreds of thousands of its customers group radiation throughout the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asian countries pandora silver and rose gold bracelet
silver and rose gold pandora bracelet.
Large-scale operation to make colorful Yunnan established at home and abroad the most smooth, the most influential emerald procurement network, “colorful Yunnan Jade” variety, rich style, suitable for wearing, gifts, collections, appreciation and other multiple needs, can meet the different Level of consumer demand, but also to meet the special needs of high-level customers.
Strong logistics system and improve the distribution system, can quickly ensure the timely supply of goods stores, effectively reduce the cost of goods, enhance the price competitive advantage, sharing economies of scale pandora sterling silver charm bracelet .

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