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Silver necklace broken how to wear sterling silver necklace precautions

1, the necklace is broken and no need to worry about, gold pandora charms sale  if the warranty period, you can request a free warranty by business, if more than the warranty period, you can also pay a certain fee, by the business for you to repair, there are some Merchants offer trade-in services that you can trade under the relevant regulations.
2, if you care how the environment, the silver necklace is still broken, it is best to go back to buy silver necklace place repair. For them, this is a very convenient facility. Not to mention if you buy soon to break the words, it should also apply for their free.
Silver necklace broken how to do pandora rings and bracelets

Silver necklace wear precautions
1) do rough or strenuous exercise to remove the necklace at any time, to avoid the necklace in the pull caused by deformation or fall off;
2) necklace does not wear when you need to store alone, if there is no special jewelry box, at least get a jewelry bag or wrapped with thicker soft velvet and then stored gold and silver pandora bracelet.
3) sleep bath when the best to remove the silver necklace, anti-sleep when the silver necklace will be damaged, against the bath when the bath and other chemical elements of the equipment to accelerate the oxidation of the silver necklace.
What is the effect of silverware on the benefits of wearing silver jewelery?

Silver necklace daily maintenance matters
The length of the work will change the color, pandora necklace and earring set but not the loss of color, is the oxidation. If you wear all day, the oxide layer is not easy to form, will be more and more bright. But the appearance of the K gold coating is not the future, silver exposed in the air soon oxidized black. You can use toothpaste and rub silver cloth rub, you can also send jewelry shop cleaning, but soon after the oxidation will be black, would like to delay, the best from the appearance of the new plating 18K gold. Silver hit sweat, it is best to clean with clean water, and dry.

What is the reason why silver jewelry is black?
How to clean silver jewelry cleaning 10 kinds of methods >>

First of all to do the following pandora jewelry store locator :
① wear a silver ring do not also wear other precious metal jewelry, to avoid collision deformation or abrasions.
② to prevent contact with water vapor and chemical products, to prevent wearing water, especially to the sea.
③ every day after wearing it with a cotton cloth clean, into the jewelry box or bag sealed custody.
④ can be used to soften the black, you can use a soft brush brush toothpaste to wash; can also be hand rub nose soap or cleanser and other methods of cleaning; can not be disposed of clean with water to wash the water scrub; after washing with cotton The pandora bangle with charms

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