green agate beads and green jasper beads

1, collar type
As the name suggests, collar type pearl necklace with the neck,bracelets with beads  like collar in general. This necklace is generally about 30cm in length, the general form of a number of pearl necklaces side by side to wear, this style necklace with most of the V-collar, a collar, evening dress, etc., easy to set off the noble temperament of the wearer, while showing a Classical beauty.
2, the public type
Popular type, that is, the length of the pearl necklace is the most classic and most popular, is the most popular style. Volkswagen pearl necklace length is 40cm ~ 43cm, 43cm is the default length of the pearl necklace vaseline glass beads . This style of the necklace can be used with a variety of styles of clothes, whether it is daily life, work environment, party party pearl necklace is your choice.
3, ladies type
Ladies pearl necklace for baby face or neck is not very long female wear, necklace length is 45cm ~ 48cm, just after wearing a V shape in the chest, can fully set off the lines. This style of necklace can be with a large collar or high collar clothes, in the middle of the necklace with some lovely little ornaments to make you more princess Fan red and green beads.
4, white-collar type
White-collar pearl necklace length of 50cm ~ 58cm, wearing the effect of just the bottom of the necklace in the Bra position, suitable for business activities and other informal occasions to wear, can be with the Tube Top Dress, Zhiye Zhuang match, live off the reality version of “Du Lala promotion Mind “.
5, party type
Party pearl necklace length of 70cm ~ 90cm, this necklace can be used with evening dress, Zhiye Zhuang, suitable for the party, business activities to wear. Necklace wearing a common way is a single layer with evening  red and green beads dress and winding two circles into a short necklace with a professional dress.
6, sweater chain type
Sweater chain pearl necklace length of 100cm or more, formal occasions suitable for dinner dress to attend, informal occasions for high-necked sweater with, and wear more diversified way, it is more fashionable pandora ring collection .

Pearl style fashion match
1. Multi-layer short necklace: multi-layer 30MM short necklace side by side to wear, close fit neck. With the banquet dress preferred, ancient and modern women have a lot of love pearls. A small size of the multi-layer short necklace enough to reflect the noble women, fashion taste. Very suitable for tall, long face, slender women, with a banquet, a variety of parties to the V-neck, strapless, low collar dress, dress, skirt. You can also have the luxury of the Victorian era pandora rose gold heart earrings.
2. Double row pearl necklace: simple classic style, suitable for any occasion to wear, for example: wedding, workplace, date. On the age, body type, face are not too much demand, free wild boutique.
3. Double row style: If you think the simple double row necklace is not special enough, that pair of pearls combined with a variety of design accessories string made into a unique necklace style. Can reflect the distinctive temperament. Belong to the necklace type necklace, suitable for fashion, beautiful temperament of women. Stylish and elegant choice. With dress, skirt,pandora necklace and earrings  winter can be used with a high collar sweater.
4. Adjustable pearl necklace: the most practical multi-purpose pearl necklace, summer can be used with skirts, winter can do sweater chain. You can also wear a double necklace. If you can only have a pearl necklace. This is definitely the best choice.
5. No long deduction pearl necklace: different length, different wear method. Single-row long necklace, winter with sweater. Double row or three rows of wear law, you can freely wild. You can also wear a multi-layer bracelet. Adjust to a different length, with the effect is also different. If you do not know how to choose pearl necklace pandora heart stud earrings . That choose no long buckle necklace, 120cm-160cm, must not be wrong.
6. Multi-layer long pearl necklace: a luxury necklace, with the four seasons with the name of the dress, look noble, handsome and elegant. Exclusive design of the pearl necklace belongs to the necklace in the boutique. Complex process, fashionable and the price is also slightly expensive But also a lot of way to wear. Wearing effect is absolutely amazing and moving. If you pursue a unique luxury style, wearing such a necklace must be 100% retention rate pandora bead earrings
If you want to send yourself or a friend an unforgettable gift, then choose this style it Necklace can be split into two, you can wear can also be combined to wear a wear.

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