925 silver ring

Silver ring because of its pure and beautiful appearance, coupled with the price of the people received by many men and women of the favorable.cheap pandora birthstone rings  Little silver ring in the fingers flashing charming light, it is heart. How much is the silver ring? What is the size of the silver ring? These are the consumers are very concerned about the issue, then buy a small network to buy you for the silver ring to buy the basic knowledge and silver ring size table.

925 silver ring
925 sterling silver due to the addition of 7.5% of the alloy, so that silver has the ideal hardness, brightness and gloss, and oxidation resistance, pandora sister charms sale and can be embedded in a variety of precious stones, diamonds, jade and Hao stone, silver jewelry from the bright color, style Chic, exquisite craftsmanship mid-range fashion taste, quickly swept the world, a new generation of fashion leaders.
Silver ring
Silver is the most common silver, and its cost is relative to other kinds of ring is also higher. This ring is characterized by adding some other metal to the inside. Can make the texture of silver color hard, and thus more prone to gem pandora bracelets store locator . This silver has many advantages, such as high toughness, good ductility, while in the air is not easy to be oxidized, so the color is more stable.
Full silver ring
Foot silver is now one of the more common silver rings. It’s silver has also been very high, and generally have more than 99%. This ring is also usually marked as S990. Of course, this ring is relatively high price.
Silver ring style
Love shaped silver ring pandora charm bracelet prices
Love-shaped silver ring has a lot of styles, can be designed into a complete heart-shaped, can also be designed as half of the heart, but this design will be more complex, there is more complex is the two heart cross design, this Style silver ring is suitable for couples wear.

Lettering silver ring
Lettering of the silver ring in any ring are more popular, the ring engraved on the word becomes unique, and some businesses have designed a good word, such as life and so on, you can also book in advance, Word tell business, real name custom, this is also very meaningful, very special.

Engraved small drill type
Silver ring can also be embedded in a small diamond in the above, although the quality of diamonds may be relatively poor pandora silver charm bracelet , there may be involved in the production of other ingredients into the diamond, but as long as there is a diamond inlaid on the above is very special, but also has the characteristics The surface of the ring can choose completely flat, you can also choose some winding shape, you can also put in the silver ring on the surface of the two groove marks, and then in the middle of the ring inlaid with a small diamond.

Simple Circle Ring
Silver ring is also a circle ring, this is the simplest of a ring, the above will generally design some small points, or wrapped around a small circle, these designs are in the circle silver ring on the surface to do some simple modification ,where to buy pandora charms online  But also seems the overall structure of the ring more simple and elegant.


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