pandora bracelet clearance diamonds true and false identification of practical coup

Diamonds true and false identification practical coup  gold charms cheap

Diamonds since ancient times to white flawless, light bright natural beauty and deep win public favor. Today, a beautiful Dai Kela diamond ring, a chic Dai Kela pendant has become a gift, wedding must have the letter. So how to identify Dai Kela diamonds genuine and fake, discount pandora jewelry online store buy genuine diamonds it? Next, by the small series to teach you a few practical coup, so you easily identify the diamond true and false.

1. observe the diamond “fire color”
Diamond luster is also called “fire color”, it can reflect the colorful, bizarre IPL, especially in the soft and cool blue-based. Due to the high refractive index value and high dispersion value of diamonds, diamonds have this special “fire color”, especially the perfect diamond cutting. Here, consumers can identify this kind of special “fire color” to distinguish the authenticity of diamonds buy cheap pandora charms online.
2. Check whether there is temperature
The diamond on the arm or face, if it is warm, it is false diamonds. Because true diamonds are not heat transfer, so no matter how touch it, are cool.
3. Wipe test
The diamond on the fine sandpaper back and forth several times, the surface of the scratches on the traces of fake diamonds, no scratches are really diamonds official pandora sister charm.
4. Identification of diamonds by chemical identification of diamonds
In the identification of the time, first to diamonds diamonds moist, and then a pencil gently scribe, in the real diamond on the crystal face, pencil across the place, is no trace, and if not diamonds, but glass , Crystal and other materials, will leave traces on the surface. Under normal circumstances, best place to buy pandora bracelet with a pencil to identify the authenticity of diamonds, the accuracy of this method is higher, but in the identification of time to pay attention to some of the mosaic of the old diamond jewelry, is not suitable for water infiltration.
5. Specific gravity test method
There is a measure of the proportion of precious stones on the market, the public can put diamonds in the proportion of diamonds, diamonds will sink, floating on the proportion of diamonds and diamond similar to the stone is certainly not a diamond cheap pandora birthstone rings .
6. Inspection inlay
If you want to test the diamond jewelry inlay, need the same secret weapon, that is, beautiful women wear stockings. Because the exquisite inlay should be a tight fit, the purchase of claw inlaid diamond ring or other diamond ornaments, it is best to use a pawl diamond face in the stockings across, if the draw is very smooth, not scratch, proved to be Sophisticated mosaic process, cheaper version of pandora bracelet you can buy the rest assured. On the contrary, it shows that the mosaic is not close enough, or choose another is better.

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