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PANDORA bracelet can be their own combination, the bracelet on the chain and the chain is used to separate the chain, and then string together. You can first visit the official website model,pug charm for pandora bracelet   and then to the store to buy, decorated with gold, silver, glass, enamel and other materials of different shapes, bracelets have gold, silver, fabric, leather and other materials can choose. Each strap due to the different size of the material, the price is different. Beautiful wedding, beautiful peacock open screen, work quite delicate.

The cause of the gods Prometheus from heaven to steal fire to humans, humans learned to use the fire, the main god Zeus is very annoyed, Zeus decided to let the disaster also fell to earth pandora gold and silver bracelet.

He ordered his son, Vulcan, to make a woman in clay, named Pandora, meaning “the person who was given all the merits”. Every God has given her to make her perfect



Pandora’s hand holding her gift is the sealed gift box. When she had just arrived near Uppermo, she opened the lid. Neptune has not yet had time to see what the gift is in the box, a scourge of black smoke from the box quickly fly out, as if the dark clouds filled the sky, black smoke is full of disease, madness, disaster, evil , Jealousy, adultery, gold charms cheap theft, greed and other scourge, these scourges quickly scattered to the earth.

And the wisdom of the goddess Athena in order to save the fate of mankind and quietly placed on the bottom of the box the beautiful things “hope” have not had time to fly out of the box, cunning Pandora put the box off. After the “Pandora’s Box” will bring unfortunate gift, the abyss of disaster pandora necklace for charms.


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